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Review of Eclipse Ganymede

I’m a user of Eclipse for past 5 years or so, both as a user of IDE and of SDK (for developing plugins). Recently made the switch to Ganymede. Here is my take on the new release.

Good Things

  1. Java Editor Breadcrumb – I liked this new UI element, that appears above the Java code editor. This allows for much easier navigation across resources while developing. To enable this, you may have to click “Toggle Breadcrumb” button on the toolbar.
  2. Content Assist Improvements – Content Assist is now more intelligent. For e.g., it understands the enclosing instanceof expressions and suggest more specific completions. It also proposes static methods and fields on classes that are not yet imported.
  3. Extract Class Refactoring – This is a very nice new feature. Say for example, you’re writing a Person class. You initially included all address fields (address1, address2, city, state, etc) as attributes to this class and later realized they are probably better modeled in a separate Address class. This new refactoring mechanism would allow you to choose the address fields and move them to a new class in a safe manner.
  4. Java compiler performance – The internal Java compiler is multi-threaded now. This means that on multi-core machines, the compilation process would be faster. Speed difference would be more and more evident as we start seeing larger number of cores on CPUs
  5. New update mechanism – The new “Update” mechanism in Ganymede is lot more stable and improved.

Bad Things

  1. UI is still the same – I was hoping for a UI refresh. But it is almost the same as the previous versions.
  2. Installation of SubversiveSubversive is now part of eclipse project and is the preferred SVN Team provider. The installation of subversive was not smooth, since I’d to instal the connectors separately from Polarion website.
  3. Problems on Ubuntu – Initially when I installed Eclipse on Ubuntu Hardy Heron, it was crashing very often. I was able to resolve after applying this workaround.

Overall thumps up to Eclipse Team for such a wonderful release!